As an art photographer, my goal is to transform the world around me, creating a new reality, through my images. During the pandemic I wanted to explore another aspect of visual  expression, only to become more aware of my limitations. My desire to create a reality–and not merely represent it–led me to design and build three-dimensional scenes of our everyday life in  small-scale reconstructions. Usually on a scale of 1/12 -1/24 but I do not like to mention numbers when creating art, so from now on, I will call it a scale of life. 
I do not aim for technical achievements, it is not what I am interested in. Besides, there are many creators of miniatures with amazing work of spot-on representations. 
I want my works to be distinguished for their content (exactly the same as I wish for my photographic works) rather than for the meticulousness of their form. 
Content that looks like a theater  stage on which something is about to play out. 
Content that includes moments in time, moments of life with an atmosphere of a particularly vivid memory; a particularly resonant dream. 

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