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121Clicks Photography Magazine

Today, 121Clicks  Photography Magazine ,presents  some of my work, take a look.

Photographic Mercadillo

Some of my work at the Photographic Mercadillo Fb page

Float Photo Magazine

A little teaser from my residency on the Float Photo Magazine's Instagram feed. https://www.instagram.com/float_magazine/?hl=e 

New project in my gallery

Yūgen My new project ( in progress) is inspired by Yugen . The word “yūgen” (幽玄) has its origins on the traditional Japanese aesthetics and it is strictly speaking “an untranslatable word” has been most commonly carried out simply as “elegance”,”grace”,...

Dorothea Lange ,the story behind her photograph “Migrant Mother”

Working for the Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration, Lange's images brought the plight of the poor and forgotten—particularly sharecroppers, displaced farm families, and migrant workers—to public attention. Distributed free to newspapers...

Willy Ronis, the story behind his photograph, Nu provençal (Provençal nude)

Ronis' wife, the Communist militant painter Marie-Anne Lansiaux (1910–91),  was the subject of his well-known 1949 photograph, Nu provençal (Provençal nude). The photograph, taken in a house that Marie-Anne and he had just bought in Gordes ,  showed Marie-Anne washing...

The other side of Vladimir Nabokov

 Nabokov's butterflies In 1967, Nabokov commented: "The pleasures and rewards of literary inspiration are nothing beside the rapture of discovering a new organ under the microscope or an undescribed species on a mountainside in Iran or Peru. It is not improbable that...

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