Eirini Lachana is an Art Photographer based in Athens, Greece.

She started the journey to photography with Pavlos Pavlids and shortly afterwards she studied photography with Platon Rivellis. Also she is an active member of the “Photography Circle” group in Athens, participating in group photography exhibitions. Her work has been published in international photography portals.

Her body of work is entitled “Inner Voice”.

Eirini experiences Inner voice as her 6th Sense that detects the ultimate source of things in herself.

Guided by Inner Voice she photographs everyday life, her home, herself, her dear ones.

This sense allows her to leave either clear imprints of herself in her photographic views or intimations that offer innumerable possibilities to the viewer to decipher her world.

As a consequence she prefers to consider her photographs a source of mystery yet fully accessible as objects of art. For this reason she prefers to avoid any referral to technical details and conditions in regard with the photographic procedure.

To conclude, she believes that her photos should be perceived as self-reliant entities that can be admired merely for their content’s strength and power.



2018: - Dreams -   The Box gallery ( group exhibition ) Curator, Platon Rivellis 

2017: - Sanctity -  The Box gallery   (group exhibition)

2017: - Sanctity-   European Cultural Centre of Delphi   ( group exhibition )



- Photographize mag, new York

- Artpil new York

- Edge of Humanity

Kiosk of Democracy, Germany

- Photologio.gr, Greece

- Ifocus.gr, Greece

Presentation-Photocircle- ( Benaki museum )





All photographs are taken by me and have the appropriate copyrights. Please respect my work and do not redistribute them without my permission. I'll be happy to hear from you for any comments and suggestions you have.

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